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Riggins was rated #25 in the annual ranking of the Top 100 Privately Held Businesses in NJ by the New Jersey business publisher NJ Biz. While some of this success was attributed to changes in the market, Strategy Director Matt Riggins credits the strength of the company as a whole. “Our business model is a little different from other companies,” Riggins said. “Our industry relationships and the size and diversity of our fleet enable us to respond in real-time to changes in the market. When we combine this short-term flexibility with our commitment to long-term growth, we can weather industry declines and maximize upswings.”

Riggins, Inc. began in 1926 when Loren Riggins, Sr., sold feed and kerosene with one truck and a bucket. Through four generations, the Riggins family has expanded that business and capitalized on changes in the fuel oil industry to build today’s Riggins, Inc. Still located in Vineland, the company offers home heating oil, commercial fueling services, government fueling services, and runs its own service stations.

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