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Safety and the Environment

Responsibility is Our Core Value

We take care of our community and the environment when we act responsibly.  That is why at Riggins, we are constantly trying to operate in the most safe and efficient manner, with minimal impact on the environment we all share.  We do this in a number of ways:

  • Maintaining a modern fleet of trucks: We try to maximize the fuel efficiency of every one of the vehicles in our fleet through regular maintenance and repair.
  • Positioning our trucks to reduce emissions:  By positioning our fleet effectively, we also reduce our carbon footprint by cutting down on driving unnecessary miles and wasting fuel.
  • Investing in rigorous driver training: Our Total Safety Program is designed to train drivers and dispatchers on the responsible way to handle and deliver fuel. The program establishes company guidelines for road and product safety, enforces policies through random monitoring and drug/alcohol testing, and promotes good driving behavior.
  • Using innovative new technology: Through our partnership with CellControl™, we have invested in new technology that prevents distracted driving and keeps our fleet, our customers, and our community safe.
  • Advising customers on environmental responsibility: Because of our long history in this industry, we routinely advise our customers on ways to use product more responsibly and reduce their impact on the environment.

When you see a Riggins truck on the road, you know that it meets our standard for safety and environmental responsibility.  It not only makes good business sense – it makes sense for our community and our environment too.


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