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The Riggins Difference



Smarter Purchasing

Computer-Stock-ReportThe price of fuel is always changing, reacting to the oil market’s ups and downs. It’s hard for consumers and businesses to find the best buying opportunities. At Riggins, we persistently monitor market trends to identify the best buying opportunities and to deliver the best price to you. We do our best to make the changes in the market work to our customer’s advantage. Cutting edge technology and an efficient fleet of trucks, in conjunction with our knowledgeable staff, enables us to deliver your fuel safely and on-time, at the best price possible.

Flexible Fleet

FleetSmall-Use-300x228Gasoline, diesel, and heating oil come to you from refineries located all across New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New York. These refineries are owned by many different corporations, and so the prices these refineries charge are often also different. We’ve positioned our large fleet of trucks in strategic locations across the state so that we can access the best priced fuel in the region, and get it to you in the most cost effective way.

Our drivers are experienced, and our fleet is highly diversified, so we can deliver fuel to almost any location. Our fleet consists primarily of big tanker trucks, medium sized tri-axle trucks, and smaller heating oil trucks. Each truck is outfitted to handle even the most challenging delivery sites, and our safety-certified drivers are highly trained and experienced. If you have a difficult or complicated delivery, contact us and we’ll figure out how to get it done.

Service and Reliability


We’re not a big, faceless corporation. We’ve been an active part of our community since our founding by Loren Riggins, Sr. in 1926, so we pride ourselves on our service to our customers. While many in the oil industry may disagree, we believe that customer service and reliability are as important today as they were 90 years ago. That’s what Riggins stands for.

The Riggins Difference ensures that we deliver the right price at the right time. And because we’re a family company, we treat our customers like family.


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