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On October 13, 2018, owners and operators of underground storage tanks (UST) will be required to designate an A/B Operator pursuant to U.S Environmental Protection Agency rules 40 C.F.R Part 280 and N.J.S A. 58:10A-21 et seq. and N.J.A.C.7:14B. The process to become an A/B Operator in the State of NJ is extremely difficult, and involves attending an in-person training course and passing a very challenging exam. Without this certification the NJ Department of Environmental Protection will put the registration of UST’s into a “pending” status, which will prevent sites from receiving any deliveries to those tanks.

As a service to our customers, Riggins provides A/B Operator Consulting Services that enable you to comply with the new regulations.    In this capacity, Riggins will provide a designee for you to list on your tank registration for one year, train all individuals in the requirements for these new regulations, and provide ongoing support for UST inspections and reporting to the State of NJ Department of Environmental Protection.

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