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Commercial Fuel Solutions

No matter what type of business you’re in, managing fuel costs are a critical part of your success. Riggins serves all types of industries, including but not limited to large and small fleetstransittruckingutilitiesconstructionboats & marinasunbranded retail gas stations, and many more. We offer way more than just great prices:

  • Automatic Price Notification – Interested in what Riggins can do, but not ready to sign up? Contact us to start receiving price information via email
  • Fleet Credit Card – The NO FEE Fleet Card offers great reporting and security features.
  • Pump and Tank Services – We have experienced pump and tank technicians when you need it.
  • Tank Loan Program – We can loan you a tank when you need a better fueling solution at your site.
  • Freight-Only Service – You’ve got your own fuel, but you need it shipped. We’ll get it there.
  • 24/7 Service – Our experienced dispatch professionals are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our fleet can deliver any kind of petroleum product you need, including:

  • Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (On-Road, Clear #2)
  • Low Sulfur Diesel (On-Road, Clear #2)
  • Winter Blend Diesel
  • Off-Road Diesel (NRLM, Dyed)
  • Bio Diesel
  • Heating Oil (#2 High Sulfur)
  • K-1 Kerosene (Clear or Dyed)
  • 87 Octane Gasoline
  • 89 Octane Gasoline
  • 91 Octane Gasoline
  • Ethanol Blend Gasoline

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• No hidden fees like other fleet cards

• Accepted at Riggins stations across NJ, PA, and DE

• Great security features help you control your costs

• Flexible credit options available

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